Subject: Catherine Weidner
Date: Thu, 06 Mar 1997 07:29:36 -0800
From: (Don Hopingardner)
I have an extensive listing of research on Johan Heinrich (Henry) Weidner and his descendents including the memorial papers. But ironically I do not have much on Catherine Weidner Bollinger. My stuff just says, I have an extensive account on her father John (Shooting Match) or (Shouting Match) Weidner, his 2 wives (1) Polly Mull and their children, (2) Polly Miller and children, Miller was Catherine's mother.
Catherine m. Michael Bollinger, 12 May, 1835. 6 children

Elbert m. (first name unknown) Johnson, a daughter who married Fides Rink
Pink m. (first name unknown) Hermon
Henry m. a descendant of the Coulter and Stillwell families ( have some info. on them)
Levi m. the Coulter and Stillwell families
Rose m. Jacob Dellinger (in the memorial papers it says she married a Jacob Bollinger, a brother of Michael Dellinger. This is an obviously a misprint.)

Talk to you later, Junelle

Subject: Legion Bollinger
Date: Sat, 08 Mar 97 12:00:23 PST
From: (Lorena Eaker)
Legion Bollingerwas a stepson of Jacob Sebach in Lincoln Co., Who was from York/Lancaster Co., PA.
Jacob Sebach was in NC by 1783, b about 1755. All I know about the family is that in his will (abstract is all I have) is that he names two children: Jacob and Peter( who listed on the 1860 Lincoln Co. Census age 78,) that he was b. in York Co., PA (1782); His step children: Lionder (also called Legion), Christian, Susannah and Anna Mary Bollinger; and his two youngest, John and Margaret Sebach.
Others listed were: Catherine, Joseph, George, Magdalina,and Elizabeth.

Anne McAllister
Tony, thank you for taking the time to write the very kind note. It is such a great help to know someone has seen your work. I was delighted with the account of Point Lookout. It answered so many questions of mine.
Henry H. Whitener and Abram Mull, brothers-in-law, were at Point Lookout together and I had always wondered if they went home together. That account gave me the answer. I also wondered where they signed the Oath of Allegiance.
I am always especially happy to find someone who shares the Miller and the Whitener lines. The Estate Sale of Jacob Miller is one of the best histories of the time in which he lived. I laughed that Jesse Robinsons bought all his clothes.
John W. Whitener or John D. Whitener, as his name often appears, must have been quite a charmer and most appealing to the ladies! I am very fond of him, but when Clara Shook was at the Archives and found the case where John Whitener was brought up for charges of adultery with Margaret Dellinger, I wanted to cheer. I noticed Caleb Miller, Polly's brother, was at Court that day and would bet he made the charge against John Whitener. Caleb was my great-great grandfather and the brother of Mary Margaret "Polly" Miller.
I have a great fondness for Polly. Many of her descendants have tried to find her grave with no luck. Gracie Cook and I made a special trip to Bollingers Chapel to see if we could find it anywhere. We were sitting on her daughter, Rhoda Bollinger's grave. We were most disappointed and tired. For some reason, I got up and walked to a fragment of a stone
beside Rhoda's grave. There it was "MMW".
Gracie and I are most sensible women, but we had this very warm feeling that Polly was answering us.
I am not smart enough to send material e-mail, but I will send it to you this weekend.

Date: Tue, 11 Mar 1997 00:36:34 -0600 (CST)
From: David James Revelle <>
Orenia's book: "The BollingerConnections" Compiled and edited by Orenia Bollinger, 1984. Copyright 1984 by Orenia Bollinger, Fredericktown, Missouri 63645. Printed in U.S.A. By McMinn Printing,
Ferdericktown, MO. At that time their phone number was (314) 783-7611, but they redistricted the area codes, and now Fredericktown is in the (573) area code-- I am not sure how this affected the rest of their phone number...
The book is 534 pages long, on 8.5 x 11" pages. It is well indexed, and is pretty well done and interesting. I made a photocopy from the copy located in the St. Louis Genealogical Library (I hope that didn't violate copyright or anything), because I assumed it was out of print. There have been a few updates to the original, and if you want to get the book, you should ask the publisher if these will be included (they are just a few pages, but they include some of MY ancestry...).My precise Bollingerancestry, according to Orena Bollinger, is:
Bollinger, Heinrich (1710->1772) m. Wohlraber, Elizabeth (?-?)
Bollinger, Daniel (1755-<1840) m. Davault?, Barbara (?-?)
Bollinger, Elizabeth (1792-1867) m. Whitener, Henry (Major) (1787-1864)
Whitener, Daniel (1812-1898) m. Bess, Peggy (1815-?)
Whitener, Pinckney (1841-1887) m. Stroup, Catherine (?-?)
Whitener, Lavina Elizabeth (1865-1946) m. Revelle, Isaac Calvin (1853-1897)
Revelle, Oscar C. (1886-1936) m. Sitze, Suzie (1885-1946)
Revelle, Isaac David Benton (1917-1994) m. Buckingham, Florence Irma (1919-1990)
Revelle, Jerald Paul (1947-) m. Toeniskoetter, Jo Ann (1950-)
Revelle, David James (1975-)
It is somewhat different according to the Mormon database:
BOLLINGER, Henry (c1716-) m. , Magdalene (c1720-)
BOLLINGER, Henry B. (1744-) m. WOLTCRABER, Elizabeth (c1748-)
BOLLINGER, Elizabeth (1792-1867) m. WEIDNER, Henry (1787-1864)
WHITENER, Daniel (1813-1897) m. BESS, Peggy (c1814-)
WHITENER, Pinckney (1841-1887) m. Stroup, Catherine (?-?)
Whitener, Lavina Elizabeth (1865-1946) m. Revelle, Isaac Calvin(1853-1897)
Revelle, Oscar C. (1886-1936) m. Sitze, Suzie (1885-1946)
Revelle, Isaac David Benton (1917-1994) m. Buckingham, Florence Irma (1919-1990)
Revelle, Jerald Paul (1947-) m. Toeniskoetter, Jo Ann (1950-)
Revelle, David James (1975-)
If either one links into Legion, I would be interested to hear about it!
Good luck in tracing your roots,

David J. Revelle
6226 Southwood #2E
St. Louis, MO 63105

1 William Emory Baker b: 1874 in prob Ohio d: 1963
+Martha Bollingerb: 1877 d: 1962

Ina M Pummill -
Good morning! I am looking for Bollingerfamily members. I have a Salina Delilah Bollingerwho married John H. Mashburn after the Civil War in Missouri, Hickory or Polk County. Her father was Wright M. Bollinger, and a brother and grandfather were named Jacob Bollinger. Wright was married to Sarah Ann McSwain. Wright was born in Ky. Salina was born Feb 5, 1853 at Elkton, MO. Do you have any of these people in your information?

Chuck Bollinger
Charles E. Bollinger<>
Joseph Bollingerm. Ursula
A) Johann Matthes Bollingerb. 1 Jan 1770 bp 19 June at St Jacob's (Stone) Church, Codorus Twp.

1) Frederick Bollingerborn in Baltimore from York County. m. Catherine Kefauver

    1. Daniel
    2. +) Effie Grote - Latrobe, Pa.

    3. Matthias
    4. John
    5. Valentine

1850 census that Codorus Township lists William, Jacob, Matthias from Codorus.
Tony -- got a good message beside's your information. It was from Sharon Martin of Chambersburg, Pa. She is another part of the family along with Effie Grote. Sharon has been doing Bollingerresearch for about 15 years and has traced them through York County down to Baltimore and back. She even has the pocketbook of Frederick Bollinger, pictures and other things including furniture. We are going to meet on the 18th of June in Youngstown, Pa. get acquainted and share information. Sharon says she has tons of information, as well as Effie. I will get back to you, but in case I should forget or lose your address--no I have copied it and printed out the e-mail. Thanks for the info -- Take care
There is a Bollingerreunion the 12th of July near Greensburg. Sharon mentioned it -- might just go.
Tony -- glad you wrote since my memory gets hazy about who I have communicated with.  I have learned a lot since last spring when I started this whole venture. 
Sharon Martin had researched the Joseph Bollingerline for 18 years, so she had a lot of information. 
David Blocher in Washington, Pat Self in Indiana, and Martha Knaggs in Texas. 
I do not understand how the Bollingers spent time side by side in York Co., and were not related.  I have not found the time yet.  GEDCOM file has 7300 names on it right now.
Tony -- the file downloaded just fine and is in the format to look at it now under Family Tree Maker.  If we can make any connection ever between these lines, I have three more files from cousins of Bollingers who are descendants of Isaac Bollingerwho went to Darke Co., OH. 

Sandra McDonald <>
Eve Bollingerb. 8 Jan 1814 d. 10 Sept 1892 m. John Horner York co. PA moved to Fulton Co., ILL

Grayson & Vivian Aldridge of Sidney L. BollingerLine (Hubert G Aldridge)
It began years ago when we met in Washington DC in 1951 where my husband was working for the government and I was working as a secretary. We married in 1955. Grayson, my husband, became seriously interested in electronics, and after 4 years in the Air Force (thanks to the Korean conflict) we decided the best thing for us was for him to attend college while I continued working. He graduated as an electrical engineer in 1962. Upon his graduation I immediately quit gainful employment and to raise our family. Notice I did not say quit "WORK". Somehow dirty diapers, crying babies and 2:00 a.m. feedings don't describe "leisure time". Most of his career was in Maryland in computer circuit design and computer related work.
Our other use is, as you probably suspected, is related to genealogy. We are tracing our roots in every direction possible and recording this on the computer for our children and future generations. Our love of travel works well with this. We have visited several cities, spent hours in libraries, cemeteries and talked with any friend or relative that had information to share. We want to visit Pennsylvania this spring. All of my ancestors on both my mother and my dad's side came first to Pennsylvania then on to NC. I found it very interesting that both the Cannons and the Bollingers came from Switzerland. I have a book written by a Cannon relative that traced them back to 1532.
We really hit the big jackpot on my dad's side and traced them back to the 900s. It didn't feel too good to know that some of my relatives were murderers and others were slave owners. Salt Lake City is where I found the information on my dad's side. We hope to go back to Salt Lake in 1998. Travel in 1996 was curtailed due to the expense and upheaval of moving to Tennessee November 1995. We really love it here. (Harold L. Kennel)
Benjamin Bollingerof Lancaster County m. Nissley.

1) Martin Bollingerb. June 17, 1810 m. Elizabeth Royer of Warwick twp
They are interred in Royers Middle Creek Meeting House.

      1. John R. Bollinger
      2. Joseph R Bollinger
      3. Martin R. Bollinger
      4. Elizabeth R. Bollingerb. June 19, 1841 Warwick twp m. 8/28/1862 David R. Forney.

Roxanne Eckenrode <>
s. Filey's Rd., Monaghan Twp., York Co., PA.
gravestone contains the following information:
BOLLINGER, Wilbert E., 1913-1995
Velva B., 1912-(no death date)

Gene Smith
York Co - Lookup Volunteer
Hope this helps but it is much to complicate for a simple look-up. I strongly recommend you get a copy of York County, PA Church Records of the 18th Century Vol 1. it is loaded with info on your surnames. Except Seabaugh.
Regards, Gene Smith
Abraham & wife Elizabeth had children bap in the 1790's
* Michael b. 5 Jul 1790 bap 5 Sep 1790 s/o Jacob & Anna Maria. Wit: Jost Runck & wife Eva at Lischy's (St Petyer's) Ref Ch
* Christian b 17 Jul 1783 bap 3 Sep 1783 Jacob & Anna Maria. Wit: Jost Runck & wife Eva at Lischy's (St Petyer's) Ref Ch
*John Jacob III 10 Oct 1781 bap 26 Dec sponsors - Abraham Bollingerand wife
*Johannes (John) Bollingerb. 13 Sep 1785 bapt 4 Nov. wit: his father and mother
* Anna Catharine b 7 Apr 1795 bap 7 Jun 1795 d/o Abraham & Elizabeth at Lischy's (St Petyer's) Ref Ch
* Anna Maria Runck b 15 Dec 1773 bap 19 Dec 1773 d/o Jost Runck & Maria Eva
* Anna Maria Runck b 22 Aug 1793(?) bap 30 Sep 1793(?) d/o Jacob Runck & wife
* Valentine Runck & wife son Josep Runck b 26 Dec 1792 bap 22 Jan 1793
* Jacob Bollinger& Elizabeth Runck witness for Jost Runk & Maria Eva son Jacob b 3 Jul 1773 bp 8 Aug 1773 at Lischy's (St Peter's) Ref ch
* There is a Elizabeth married to Abraham Biollinger in the 1770's
"York County Church Records of the 18th Century" F. Edward Wright. Family Line
Publications. 1991, 3 volumes.
Abraham Bollinger& Elizabeth
Jacob b. 17 Dec. 1773 bp 10 Feb 1774 at Lischy's (St. Peter's) Ref. Ch. North Codorus Twp.
"Abstracts of York County. Pennsylvania Wills 1949 18l9. F. Edward Wright, Family Line Publications 1995
Fyi another Jacob: Jacob and Anna Mary Bollingerchildren Abraham, Jacob, Christian, Michael, Catharine and Eva per her will written 15 Jul 1780 in Manheim Two but no probate date. (believe this is will book E p. 244, dated 1781)
York County, PA Wills 1749-1900 Closson Press.
Bollingers, probate year, will book and page:
"Index to the Probate Inventories of York County, Pennsylvania 1749- 1850" Davia A & Brenda L Paup. Family Line Publications. 1992 [Name,Year of inventory and place of residence]
Anna Maria 1781 Manheim w/o Jacob
Jacob 1777 Manheim h/o Anna M
Jacob 1821 Heidelberg
John 1787 Heidelberg
John 1799 Codorus [had a will]

Inventories very often have names of children and if married their husbands. A good source if they died intestate such as it appears your Jacob did.

"Index to York County, PA Wills 1749-1900" Closson Press. 1990 [Name, Probate year; will book and page]
Isaac 1770 B-225
Anna Mary 1781 E-244
Jacob Sr 1821 O-381
Henry 1856 U-305
Jacob 1860 V-235
Jacob 1875 Z-413
Anna Mary Bollinger15 Jul 1780  no probate date. Manheim Twp. Widow of Jacob
Bollinger. Children: Abraham, Jacob, Christian, Michael, Catharine and Eva.

To get copies write to:
The York County Archives
105 Pleasant Acres Rd
York, PA 17402

Kyle Hutchison
Wednesday, July 09, 1997
I need as much info on this two individuals, their spouses, and their ancestors.  I don't have anything on the two Bollingers.  I do know that Michael Vance Bollingermarried Minerva Katherine Workman (I don't have any info on the Workman side).  They had Pearl Elizabeth who was my Grandmother's mother.  Pearl was born 21 Aug 1887 and died 15 Aug 1973.  My Grandmother is still living in Richmond, VA.  Anna or Ann Bollingermarried John D or J Bowman who had Guilford Urias Bowman, born 25 Mar 1843 in Catawba Co, NC.  Guilford married Nancy Caroline Starr c 1877 and had Henry Sylvanus Bowman, born 11 Oct 1880 and died 25 Mar 1961.  Henry married Pearl Elizabeth Bollingeron 25 Mar 1908.  Thanks
I have a few questions. 
1.  Where did Henry Bowman come from in the US; PA or somewhere else.  I assume he or earlier generations came from Scotland. 
2. Also any info on Betsey Bolick.  I have a copy of "A History of Catawba County", 1954 and it has a lot of Bolick (Bolch) in it.
3.  Any info on the Bollingerline would be appreciated including Killian's.  All the info on my grandmother, Helen Catherine Bowman, is correct  except she was born in Chase City, Mecklenberg Co, VA.  All the other data on her brothers/sisters is correct. 

  1. Where did you get all this info, ie a book, etc. 

Hi, Al I want to pass on what I have found. You sent me in Jul a 55 page file on Christian Bollinger. I don't know if you have who his parents were but I think I may have found them. Don Hensel of NJ sent me the following:
According to the manuscript on the descendents of RUDOLF BOLLINGERb c 1700 in Canton Sanky, Switzerland, he and wife Catherine had 10 kids:

Daniel b 28 May 1728
Magdelene b 15 Dec 1730
Anna b 14 Feb 1732
Elizabeth b 15 Mar 1736
Barbara b 15 Jan 1736 (has to be twins either born Jan or Mar)
CHRISTIAN b 1 Jan 1738
Sophia b 5 May 1741
Maria b Mar 1743
Hans Rudolf b 12 Sep 1748
Abraham b 11 Feb 1756

He goes on to say that CHRISTIAN had no record of marriage but left to his kids in will dated 30 Jan 1796. Later church records reveal 3 children:
Abraham b 27 Jan 1761
Christiana b 3 Nov 1762
CHRISTIAN Jr b 3 Dec 1765
What do you think? Could Christian's father be Christian whos father was Rudolf? Also don't I owe you some info on the SHUFORD's, etc. Kyle Hutchison

Patrick C. Cloninger
August 11, 1997
The late Mark Smith's "Historical Sketch of Reverend David Henkle" appears in the June 1997 issue of CATAWBA COUSINS.  He cites as primary resource material the archives at DUKE and UNC: Southern Historical Collection in NC and at UVa: Alderman Library and Winchester, VA: Handley Library in VA.  In PA, he cites the Henkel Papers at Gettysburg, PA: Lutheran Theological Seminary.
It is strange, and I am unaware of really any of the Henkle diaries being printed anywhere.  There may be typescript versions, but I am unaware of them being printed in a historical journal or the like.
The Henkle family seems to have been forgotten.  Perhaps it is their involvement with the formation of the Tennessee Synod [as you may know this was a split of the North Carolina Synod].
Mark Smith closes his sketch of David Henkle with the following, and I quote from page 15 of CATAWBA COUSINS, Vo 12, No 1: "Past Lutheran historians have differed in their opinions of
David Henkel.  The reasons given for the rupture of the North Carolina Synod vary, depending on the source.  Some say it was the incompatible personalities of David Henkel and Gottleib
Schober.  Others say it was doctrinal differences of the General Synod.  And yet others say it was a  combination of problems, which is most likely."
Let me know your thoughts.  I find Mark's research most enlightening.  Now someone or some of us will have to take his research foward.  Robert Carpenter [CARPENTERS A PLENTY] is working on his history [Note: not genealogy] of Saint John's Lutheran Church, near Conover.
Nancy Cooper Bannister
1  Amanda BOLLINGERb: Mar 1845 MD d: Unknown
. +Emanuel WARNER b: Dec 1843 PA m: Bef. 1878 d: Unknown
1  George BOLLINGERb: Abt. 1857 d: Unknown
. +Alice Ann GANTZ b: 1860 d: Unknown
1  Jake BOLLINGERb: Abt. 1838 d: Unknown
. +Eliza Ann FRIED b: 07 May 1840 PA m: Abt. 1860 PA/MD? d: 14 Jan 1963
. +Unknown Name DONSEN daughter of Charles E Donsen b: Aft. 1918
These are the only Bollingers I have.  Wish I could be of more help.

Lyle LeMasters
My name is Lyle LeMasters. I am looking for a Barbara Bollingerborn 1769 in Glenville,York Co., PA the daughter of Isaac Bollinger. If you know of this line and relatives I would appreciate the info and will
exchange the little I have of Barbara and her husband Henry Hunter.

Janelle Tapscott Kingsley
I am a descendant of Emanuel Bollingerwho married Sarah Senft in 1846. I have not been able to connect him with a Bollingerfamily, though there are plenty of Bollingers in York County.

Judy Bowman
1) Catherine Fulbright m. John Bollinger
2) John Killian and Ann Elizabeth Fulbright (Carpenter)Zimmerman  (My mother's records from 1930 and several books indicate she is the daughter of John Fulbright and Christina Shook--what proof do you have that she IS NOT this daughter????) 

To throw another wrench in the works--I have proof that some LDS records I have seen on CATHERINE YOUNT daughter of Jacob Yount and Marellis (Maria Elizabeth Killian--daughter of John Killian and Ann Elizabeth Carpenter Zimmerman)are incorrect.

Children of Jacob Yount and Marellis Killian are: 
John, Mary Hahn, Elizabeth, Jacob, Henry, Sarah, George Calvert, Christina, David, CATHERINE, Susanna, Jesse,.
(Mentioned in estate of Jacob Yount Book 1 & B Probate Page 129 Cape Girardeau County, MO) -  Catherine is mentioned in Jacobs estate.  
Catherine's  marriage to JACOB JAMES is registered in the Cape Girardeau County court house in Jackson, MO on 6 October 1814.  She did not marry 3 times.  She was born in 1796 in North Carolina.  Catherine DIED in Missouri and was buried on the James  Family Farm in 1836.
Children of Jacob James and Catherine Yount are: 
George W b. 1816; Ransom L b.1821; David b 1822; William Wilson b 1827; Amanda Catherine b 1829;
Sarah b 1834.  
Jacob James remarried to Nancy Bridges in 1837.
Bill Eddleman
The records of the Williams Township Congregation in Northampton Co., Pennsylvania list the following daughters born to Johann Wilhelm and Christina Fulbright:

Anna Catharina, b. 2 January 1752
Anna Elisabeth Catharina, b. 25 May 1754

Catherine is assumed to be the first daughter, and married Johannes Bollinger.  Elizabeth is the second of these, and could not have married Michael Zimmerman and had a child in 1760 at the age of 6.  Fulbright
genealogists have no proof as to which Killian Elizabeth married, but we do have the above to indicate she is not the Elizabeth who married Michael Zimmerman and John Killian.  If anyone has proof counter to the above, please post it.

Vic Shanaman
Edna Bollingermarried to a George S. Boyer b. December 31, 1888 York Co., PA.

Glen Summit
My name is Glen Summit and was hoping to find out more information on the Bollingerline. My great-great-great grandfather is Michael Bollinger, he was a farmer in Hickory Tavern Township and was born about 1815; he married a Catherine Whitner and had a son named Henry S Bollinger.

Legion Bollinger
Michael Bollinger
Henry Lafette Bollinger
Laura Dora Bollinger(Married Alex Summit)
Charles Eli Summit SR
Charles Eli Summit JR
Glen S Summit (ME)
Kyle Hutchison; in the message he indicated to me that Polly, the 2nd wife of Henry L, was Henry's first cousin. He said he got this information from a 54-page text document that you forwarded to him. Could you confirm this for me. He said that Henry's father and Polly's father (Michael and Levi) were both brothers. He also said that in your document there was a wealth of info on Henry's involvement in the Civil War. Would it be possible, by chance, to get a copy of this document. I would pay for all copying or mailing fees. Or if the document is a Microsft Word document you could attach to an e-mail and send it to my alternative address below, not the WEBTV address. Please let me know if this is ok with you.
I also noticed you had information in your email supplied by my great-aunt Maudella (Summit) Shuping. She did pass away, last year, I beleive. She was one of the last of my grandfathers siblings. Years ago she forwarded me a transcription of an old Summit Bible, which mentioned some Bollingerinfo. In it she verified that Dora Bollingerwas the daughter of Henry and Polly Bollingerof Catawba County, but she never pointed out that Polly's maiden name was Bollingerto me. She also said she remembered that Henry and Polly (in addition to Laura Dora) had sons named Raymond and John and a daughter who married a Punch.
Dora Bollingermarried Alexander Commodore Summit on Nov 10, 1894; She was born Feb 13, 1876 and died Feb 11, 1953. He was born March 1, 1876 and died Aug 31, 1965. They are both buried at Mt Rahama Baptist Church in Catawba Co.
Please let me know about the document you have, I would like to read more on the Bollingers. Also I have a photocopy of an original land deed (not a transcription) from Henry Bullinger to Henry Huit, dated 1789. Apparently one of the Huits married a Summit and part of the land is still owned by a distant cousin of mine. Interesting. Would you like to have a copy of it. Let me know your mailing address and I will send it out. Thanks Again for all your help,
Alternative E-mail address:

Rhonda J DEMBO [] mailbox:
Sent: Friday, May 01, 1998 7:36 PM
Subject: Re: RE: Legion Bolinger
Yes, send more. Send all you have, I've wanted to learn more about that Line for a long time! Before I forget, contact me at another I use DEMBO for my Group/List mail and don't check it as often:)
You mentioned Orenia Bolinger, and I have her book, "The BollingerConnections" about 'Heinrich Bollingerb 1710 & Elizabeth Wolhraber- from Rotterdam 1738 to Longswamp,Berks Co PA', if you ever need a look-up.
In it she mentions Legion Bollingerin NC and Daniel Bollingerof Burke County NC- saying then that neither belonged to the Heinrich line, but later Daniel was claimed, leaving only Legion without a connection :)
In 1833 NAUTLY NC there was a Henry Bolinger & Owistee, Cherokee Curious if he connects to Legion.
My Frederick Bolinger b ca 1764+ has the sisters Mary Ann (md Samuel Weaver)and Barbara (md Henry Hunter) Found in 1790 Pendleton Co SC, and later in Washington Co & Claiborne Co TN.... The current debate is whether this his parents were Wm Henry Bolinger & wife Mary "of the Carolina's) (both lost at this point) or the convenient Isaac Bollingerand wife Catherine of York Co PA, since Isaac's will says "oldest son Frederic and two other..... "
My point is, if this Isaac doesn't belong as father of my Frederick, then he has another Frederick for a son and TWO other unnamed children at this point.. from Manheim Twp.
York Co PA- Probate Wills Index- Film #22,130 1749-1940
-Bollinger, Isaac- Codorus Twp May 7, 1770
I've seen a Michael Bolinger in the 1790 & 1820 York Co census but didn't know who he was. And there's a Michael in 1840 Dauphin Co PA, is that the same guy?
A long time ago, I found this:
Charles R. Appler, 503 Park Ave, Berkeley Heights, NJ 07922- Yates
" Jacob M. Bollingerb.1807 York Co. PA d.1886 Adams Co. PA md Nancy
Sprenkle- s/o John Jacob Bollinger& Catherine Mennick"
The name/address may not be of use now, but I saved it because I've never seen this Bollinger/Sprenkle/Mennick line attached to any other....
Also these immigrants to the Carolinas are interesting, and I don't think I know anything else about them:
Immigrants from Oberamt Zweibrucecken-
(PA German Immg 1709-1786)
Christian Bollingerof Winterbach leaves for Carolinas- 9-24-1737 'Virtuous Grace'
Jacob Bollingerof Biedershausen leaves for Carolinas- 9-24-1737' Virtuous Grace'
Mattheis Bollingerof Bosenbach, from Oberamt Zweibrueken, w/wife and 2 ch, 1752

Mrs. Leona Betteridge-2709 W. Soundview-Tacoma,WA 98466- wrote article 1986:
"Our Mennonite Immigrants- Widow BollingerMarries John Henry Lamott of
York Co PA"
'Joseph Bollingerand Henry Bollingerof York Co PA-to America about 1754 with their mother- both are found in 1779 & 1783 Manheim Co taxes and records of St. Jacobs Lutheran Reformed Church,York Co.'
NOTE: This Joseph Bollingeris named in a Receipt for the Adm.Acctg. in York Co 1772 for Isaac Bollinger-
Also named is Jacob Bollingerof York Co PA. (Shows cnx b/t Joseph & Henry, to Jacob, and to Isaac Bolinger of York Co PA. Need to resolve what relation they are to one another.)
-Joseph md. Ursula Brodbeck, ch:
Joseph b.1768 m. Anne Hofin, lived in Carroll Co MD
Mathias b.1770 m. Elizabeth Wentz, lived in Baltimore Co MD
John b.1771 m. Catherine Hupmann
Elizabeth b.1774 m. Michael Hose/Hohf
Eve b.1775 m.Daniet Utz
-Joseph and second wife Catherine:
Catherine b. 1783 md Henry Hose and Christian Miller
Isaac b.1787 m.Anna Blocher, lived in York Co PA (see AOL- Amish226)
Barbara b.1793 md David Jones
George d.1834 m.Susanna Strayer?, lived in York
Daniel b.1798 m.Magdalina Hershey
Elizabeth 1794, Peter, Jacob, Andrew
Susan m. 'big' Jacob Bowman
Sarah b.1807 md Geroge Kershner
Magdalena 'Molly' b.1809 md 'little' Jacob Bowman
-Henry md Eva Dorothy Rudisell, ch:
Andrew- b.1773 m. Mary Cath. Shilts - to Darke Co OH
Peter- b.1771 m. Elizabeth Young- to Adams Co PA
Samuel- b.1781 m. Eve Muelheim- lived York Co PA
Henry- d. 1858 m.Rosina Muelheim- lived in York Co PA
Jacob- b.1778 m.Elizabeth Brice- lived in York Co PA
Another large line is the Rudolph Bollingerfam of Lancaster Co, but I
Mention them because they also had land in YORK Co:
History and Record of the Clan of Rudolph Bollingerfrom Switzerland
(1951), revised by R. V. Bollinger(1963, 1972); J. F. Sachse, German
Sectarians (1900) 2:457-458; Colonial America (1967) p 358; M. G.
Brumbaugh, History of the German Baptist Brethren (1899).
'The Bolingers originated in and were named for, the small village of Bollingen, in the "Canton St. Gallen, Switzerland". Rudolph, the first immigrant, is believed to have come from the Palitinate in the year 1720. He settled at Cocalico on the Conestoga Creek, Lancaster, PA.'
Rudolph BollingerFamily of Ephrata/Cocalico Lancaster Co PA -
Society of Seventh Day Baptists-Ephrata -'Rudolph the Elder' or 'Rudolph the Immigrant' (d.?1772, will 1770?)

Daniel 1728
Magdalena 1730
Anna 1732 md. a Becker?
Elizabeth 1734
Barbara 1736, md. a Zug
Christian 1738-1796
Sophia 1741
Maria 1743
Abraham 1756
Hans Rudolph 1748- Rev War Veteran d.1837 Juniata Co PA, md 1) Catherine Blum- no ch.
md.2)Barbara Catherine Hammather- ch: John, David, Catherine, Daniel,
Mary,Samuel, Anna, Rudoph, Eliz.

James Shuman, Telecommunications Coordinator
The California Arts Project
My wife is descended from the original immigrant through two of his sons. we have not pursued this line as actively as some others. Here is what we have:

"-The Bollingerfamily originated in and is named for the small village of Bollingen in Canton St. Gallen, CHE. Rudolph, the first immigrant, is believed to have come from the Palatinate in 1720. Settled at Cocalico on Conestoga Creek, Lancaster Co., PA. Joined the Connestoga Congregation of German Baptist Brethren in 1734. Had 10 children."

1. Jacob Rudolph BOLLINGERb 1700; d 28 Jul 1772; married Catherine ( )
Four sons: Daniel, Christian, Abraham, Hans Rudolph
2a. Abraham BOLLINGERb 1746; d 1814; married Magdalena NAIS
3a. Isaac BOLLINGERb 12 Oct 1787 PA; d 24 Aug 1861 PA; married Anna BLOCHER
4a. Catherine (Katie) BOLLINGERb 11 Jan 1822 PA;d 1867 IN; married Daniel BLOCHER

2b. Hans Rudolph BOLLINGERb 12 Sep 1748; d 29 Sep 1814; married Catharine BLUM
3b. Maria BOLLINGERb 2 May 1782; d 23 Jan 1847 PA; married Jacob MOHLER

We do not have the name "Legion Bollinger" on our list, but that does not mean it might not be part of this line. We DO have several "Christian Bollingers" but cannot ascertain whether any of them might be the correct one, since our own information is somewhat incomplete.
Do you have anything else that would indicate whether or not there might be a link?

Brad DeBow []
I'm interested in the ancestory of Anna Elizabeth Bollinger, who married Rudolf Robert Peter. She was born 14 sep 1855 in Turbenthal, Switzerland to Johannes Bollingerand Anna Barbara Egli. I am currently looking for Isaac Bollinger, whom I'm sure belongs to the York County family. His daughter was Mary Bollinger, b. 1804/05 in PA and died Jun.25,1886 in Paulding Co., PA; she married Thomas Gibson, b.1803, Mifflin Co., PA
Richard S. Boswell []

pax []
Wow! I was beginning to despair of finding info going to the NC line of Bollingers.

Mike J. Horton []
Below is a list of all named: John BOLLINGER. Please advise if he's on it. I would appreciate more info on this unknown BOLLINGERlineage.
Best, Mike. 4/24/98. 11:23pm. ET.
Genealogy Research Data Mike J. Horton (c) 1998 All Rights Reserved.
List of all named: John BOLLINGER, all. 24 Apr 1998
Born/ Died/
RIN Name Chr Bur Spouse or *Father Name
61195 John BOLLINGER1998 Lillian Lillie
36193 John BOLLINGERInez Ruth RAMSEY-36189
55180 John BOLLINGERJean MCNEAL-55182
11996 John BOLLINGER1835 1915 Rachel YINGLING-11997
497 John BOLLINGER1844 *Jacob BOLLINGER-494
61200 John R. BOLLINGERHannah FLECK-61320
56803 John W. BOLLINGER1870 Jennie M. WILSON-56804

Linda LCFlu []
I am still looking for the family of my great-
great grandmother Rebecca Bolinger/Bollingerwho was born in 1820 in
Huntingdon Co, PA and then Married David Kelly in Monongalia County, WV in 1839. He died and she married David Cunningham in 1861 in Harrison County, WV. Rebecca died in 1897 in Ritchie County, WV and is buried there.

Al Wyland []
I am looking for Catherine (Shapel) Bollinger(Blockage) who came to America from Wurtenburg, Germany about late 1800's. She married *John Schultz and lived in New Jersey. Her Aunt's name was Rose Bollingermarried to John Meyer. Any help would be appreciated. Florence

Dawn Bollinger[]
I am looking for more information on this family, I know they are connected, I just need more information to figure out how.
Roy O. "Snap" Bollingerborn: 1897 died: 1956 buried: IOOF Cemetery Broad Top City, PA (Huntingdon County) wife was Hazel M. Waite b: April 29, 1902 d: Sept. 3, 1977, Buried in Broad Top. She was the daughter of Charles Taylor Waite and Mae C. Ripple.
1. Deweese Bollingerb: 1927/28 died: Jan. 8, 1998
Glen Burnie, MD
2. Vernon Bollingerb: ? d: before Nov. 6, 1997
3. Melvin "Meb" Bollingerb: ? d: before Aug. 31, 1994 wife
Shirley Park 3 children:
1. Debbie
2. Doug
3. Dan
4. Betty Bollingerd: before Nov. 6, 1997
5. Carol J. Bollingerb: June 5, 1936 Robertsdale, Huntingdon County, PA d: Aug 31, 1994 Johnstown, PA buried in Broad Top, PA. md Merrill E. Kerlin March 30, 1955
Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Dawn Bollinger

pax []
Legion Bollingeris my great-great-great-grandfather. I am related through his son, Michael

Ann Hyde []
The files you sent were wonderful. Thank you so much.
I am sending a gif (I zipped the file. If this is a problem please let me know) of my g-grandfather George Felton Bollinger(b. March 16, 1873 d. Dec. 6, 1941) with from l. to r. my grandmother Clara Blanche, George Felton, g-grandmother Lola Mae Frye Bollinger(b. May 15, 1878 d. May 13, 1959), on lap Charles Albert and George Lee. I don't know when the picture was taken but my grandmother looks about 4 or 5. I found a note written by my father (William Dennis Martin, Sr.) that states that "stepfather raised grandpa" with the names of great grandfather and great grandmother Sigmon and their children. I can only assume that he was talking about George Felton.
Children of George Felton and Lola Mae:
George Lee b. May 15, 1878 d. May 13, 1959
Clara Blanche b. March 30, 1899 d. Nov. 1, 1982 (married John W. Martin)
Sara Ola b. April 5, 1901 d. Feb. 10, 1902
Charles Albert b. May 1, 1903 d. July 15, 1966
Mary Catherine b. Feb. 9, 1906 (Thorneburg) don't have death date
Hazel Mae b. March 27, 1911 (Wilkinson) lived in Ohio-don't have death date
Ruby Irene b. Nov. 19, 1914 (Harris) don't have death date
Floyd Andrew b. Feb. 11, 1917 don't have death date
Kenneth Felton b. Jan. 10, 1921 still living
There are many Bollingerchildren from these and most still live around Hickory and Newton, NC.
I don't know much about my grandmother Clara and John's (He was called Willie.) life together. He died suddenly when my father was still a teenager. I believe he was 15 or more years older than my grandmother. My father, who is deceased, loved his father very much. I remember him saying that he was very good to the children and a very hard worker.
Children of John and Clara Blanche:
William Dennis b. Oct. 1919 d. Aug. 1990 (Mamie Willis)
Clarence Felton b. Feb. 26, 1925
Dorothy Lucille b. Feb. 15, 1992 (Cassada)
If some other unsuspecting Bollingerdecendent contacts you you'll have a little more information about this line. I just found out that my father's cousin Cyril Thornburg, who lives close to Hickory, has more
information and I intend to contact him to fill in some holes. For instance, what happened to Sara Bolch?
Once again, thank you so much for your help.
Ann Martin Hyde

Georgia Hood []
1 Ballinger, Jessie b: Abt. 1833
+UNKNOWN, Mirum b: Abt. 1833

2 Sylvana (Vanie) Hester b: 2 Sep 1857 in Upland, Jefferson Twp., Grant Co., IN d: May 26, 1928 in Upland, Jefferson Twp., Grant Co., IN
+Poorman, John Allen b: February 25, 1857 in Huntington Co. IN d: April 11, 1937 in Grant Co. In

David Blocher [] & jane Peppler
1 Widow Bollinger

2 Henry Bollinger
2 Joseph Bollingerb. 1743
+ Ursula Brodbeck b. 1750 but the daughter of The Immigrant, Hans Heinrich Brodbeck.

3 Isaac Bollinger
+Anna Blocher dau of John Blocher & Elizabeth Derwacter
3 Mathies Bollingerb. 1770.
+ Elizabeth Wentz

In 1850 census, Baltimore County MD, I was ecstatic to find Mathias was living with Elizabeth (whom I presume was wife Elizabeth Wentz), in the home of (I presume his daughter) Mary (Polly) Bollinger(b. 1795-1804) and Jacob Grim (b. 1791). Ecstatic because it's usually SO HARD to find the parents of wives!!!
Yes, Joseph is the Immigrants (along with his brother Henry, and widowed Mother),but I don't have the Immigrant date, or their ship.  This entry is vague.
Sun Country Software, Inc. [] Charles Loren Bolinger
1 Samuel Bolinger
+ Caroline Nicodemus

2 Charles Henry Bolinger b. 1853 in Van Wert, Ohio d. 1938
Descendants of George SHAFFER
1 George SHAFFER D. January 13, 1871 in Richland County, Ohio
2 Catherine B. SHAFFER B. Abt. 1815 in Ohio D. Abt. 1853 M. January 11, 1835
+Rudolph BOLLINGERB. October 29, 1817 in Pennsylvania D. February 6, 1899 in Richland County, Ohio

3 Elizabeth BollingerB. 1838 D. 1915 in Richland County, Ohio m. September 6, 1857 in Richland County, Ohio
+Henry Russell B. 1833 D. 1857 in Jefferson Township, Richland County, Ohio

4 Almeda Russell B. 1858
+Calvin S. Beal M. September 18, 1878
4 Emma Russell B. 1861
4 Elizabeth Russell B. Abt. 1864
+William B. Moury B. 1860 D. 1941 M. Abt. 1881
4 Ed Russell B. Abt. 1867
4 John Russell B. 1873

3 Michael Bollinger B. 1840 D. 1911
3 Catherine Bollinger B. 1842

+Jackson Weaver B. 1838 M. February 17, 1859 in Richland County, Ohio
4 Rosaetta Weaver B. 1870
+Daniel Fry B. 1854

3 Louisa Bollinger B. Abt. 1844
3 George Bollinger B. 1844 in Ohio D. 1916

+Elizabeth Armstrong M. September 30, 1869 in Richland County, Ohio

4 Frederick Bollinger B. February 14, 1872

+Grace Mowry B. July 15, 1876 in Jefferson Township, Richland County, Ohio

3 Lydia Ann Bollinger B. February 27, 1847 in Belleville, Richland County, Ohio D. October 31, 1928 in Aurora, Lawrence County, Missouri

+Alfred Ralph Newlon B. July 2, 1839 in Belleville, RichlandCounty, Ohio D. August 26, 1906 in Anderson, McDonald County,Missouri M. July 7, 1867 in Belleville, Richland County, Ohio
4 George Sherman Newlon B. August 23, 1868 D. March 13, 1914 in Webb City, Missouri
+Leona M. Hilleman B. Abt. 1883
4 [1] Nealie A. Newlon B. October 13, 1870 D. January 1, 1943
+Earl Korb
*2nd Husband of [1] Nealie A. Newlon:
+Henry A. Williams

4 Mina Olive Newlon B. January 28, 1873 in Burr Oak, Jewell County, Kansas D. March 5, 1934 in Aurora, Lawrence County, Missouri

+William Moore Munday B. April 2, 1862 in Verona, Lawrence County, Missouri D. June 29, 1934 in Aurora, Lawrence County, Missouri M. May 1, 1895 in Aurora, Lawrence County, Missouri

3 Mary Ann Bollinger B. Abt. 1849

2 Lydia Shaffer

+? Clark
3 James Shaffer

2 Adam Shaffer
2 John Shaffer

+Margaret Compher M. March 23, 1830

2 Benjamin Shaffer
2 Isaac Shaffer
2 George Shaffer
2 Henry Shaffer
2 James Shaffer

Rich & Kay Livermore []
I hope I can live up to the compliments paid to me by David Blocher. I have been doing genealogical research for 14 years and somehow, along the line, I managed to learn a few things which David found interesting. Would be glad to share that with you.
In searching Family Tree Maker CD #116 (Church Records: Selected Areas of Pennsylvania) I just found varification of baptisms for three children of Joseph Bollinger& Ursula Brodbeck. All three were baptised in St. Jacob's (Stone) Union Church:
Johann Matthes (Mathias) Bollinger: b. 1 Jan 1770; bap. 27 May 1770
Johannes (John) Bollinger: b. 17 Oct 1771; bap. 31 Dec 1771
Elizabeth Bollinger: b. 18 Oct 1773; bap. 2 Jan 1774 Dawn
I am searching for the parentage of Lisa (Eliza or Elizabeth) Bollingerborn March 1831 in Pa. She later married a Henry Hershey Jr., a farmer in North Codorus Twp. in York County.They later had six choldren. George (1852), Louisa A. Feb 1856), Samuel Hershey (1859) Elizabeth (1859) Charles (1865) and Jacob (1868).
I know there were other Bollingers who owned land near the Hershey's farm in York co. but I have not found Elizabeth's parentage as yet.

carolyn carroll []
Do you have the children of Christian Bollingeror Hans Bollinger???? Carolyn
Sent: Saturday, June 27, 1998 7:10 PM Mennonite Family History
In a message dated 98-06-26 11:17:03 EDT, you write:
I have only seen the 'Virtuous Grace' entries. If you can confirm any of this and list the source it would be of great help to me. >>
I am sending some Information that my dear husband accumulated before he passed away on 5/8/97. I am trying to continue the quest he loved so much. We felt that information should be shared. I think that he had information you are looking for.
Are you able to share the "Virtuous Grace" list?
Ron's Information:
Bernhart BOLLINGERb. 1670 d. 7 Aug 1734 at Winterbach,,, Germany m. Magdalena HECKLER b.1668 d. 27 Jul 1732
1) Christian BOLLINGERb. 1693 {Germany} d. 1753 Lancaster, PA m. Susanna BECHLER b. d. 1723 , Lancaster, PA Christian immigrated in 1737 on the ship "Virtuous Grace". Ref: Rupp pg 107-Palatines 24 Sept 1737 -Sjo[ "Virtuous Grace" - John Bull, Master. !Re: Bernadene D. Dickson group sheets..Austin Thaman Research.
2)Hans Jacob Friedrich BOLLINGERb. 4 Apr 1724 d.1777 at York, PA m. Anna Mary BAUMAN b. d. ! Re: Bernadene D. Dickson group sheets.. Austin Thaman Research.
3)Johann Rudolph BOLLINGERb. 10 Oct 1727 d. 1770 at Schaefferstown, Lancaster, PA m. Margaret DORR 17 Oct 1752 Cocalico, Twp., Lancaster, PA Margaret b. 3 Sept 1733 c. 24 Sept 1733 d.
!Re: Bernadene D. Dickson Group Sheets.. Austin Thaman Research.
!Misc. records of Lancaster Co. PA dated Sept. 4th 1770, pgs218-219 on Rudy Bollinger of Hydelberg Twp - lists Catharine and Susanna Bollinger daughters of 'dec'd over 14 yeas of age "choose Conrad Derr of Hannover guardian." Same guardian for Magdalena, Christina, Maria Elizabeth and Anna Maria Bollingerunder 14 yeas of age. Margaret Bollingerwas administrator.
!NATURALIZATION: PA Naturalizations-Philadelphia-Juror Rudolph Bollinger-Heidelberg Twp. Lancaster Co. 6/30/1765
!PA Family Records-Bollingerto Booth - Film area-#345-769, Various Letters and Notes of Noah M. Bolinger-Whitley, IN 1930-40's,.....Rudolph Bollinger(Swiss Immg)- Cocalico Family.
!LDS GLC Listings - Tax Lists, etc. - BOLLINGER"1790-1810 - Rudy-Cocalico, Lancaster, PA -also: Abraham, Benjamin, Daniel, David, Peter.
Christina BOLLINGERb. abt 26 Jul 1761 at Shaefferstown, Dauphin, PA c. 3 Nov 1763 d. 26 Jun 1831 at Shippensburg, Cumberland, PA m. Christopher WALTER b. 30 Sept 1754 d. 11 Jan 1839
!Info from gravestone. She had a brother Abraham.
Re: Schaefferstown PA Reformed Church Records, listed in - A Brief History of Schaefferstown, A. S. Brendle, Esq. A. M. 1901. The sponsors at her baptism were Rudolph Bollingerand Wife.
parents__?_ [Do you have any information on Christopher's parents? We have not been able to document that he was the first WALTERS ancestor to come to the US in my husband's line.] ! Ron has multiple documentation on Christopher in PA - tax records, will book @ Cumberland Co Courthouse, Oath of allegiance, church records, church communion records/dates, professional genealogist research, etc. etc.
John (Johannes) WALTERS b. 1 Jan 1792 at Shippensburg, PA d. 17 Aug 1873 at Decatur, Adams, IL m. Rachel CLEVER 1813
! Info from DAR applications, National #216466 & 229585. Johannes was a private in the War of 1812. He went to Indiana in 1846 on a wagon train with other families from Shippensburg.
There is more information, but I will stop here. Hope some of this helps.
Mrs. Ronald Walters (Pat) {Antptypat}