Queen's Cup Engraving

Bollinger, Bullinger, Bolinger, Ballinger....

The Bollinger Coat of Arms Originally out of Bremgarten
A predominate Black Mill Rind on Shield of Gold, indicates tradesmen, millers and goldsmiths.
Helmet of silver means purity, peace and justice.
An erect man on helmet wearing a jacket of divided colors denoting a diversification of trades.
His headress, a woven cord with flying ends, refer to adventurers who traveled to unknown areas.
In each hand he holds an uprooted green pine tree refering to strength, both physical and of character and religious beliefs.

The Bollinger Coat of Arms as found on a silver cup

In 1560 Queen Elizabeth presented a silver cup to Heinrich Bullinger, doubtless as a mark of her consideration of the kindness shown to the Protestants, who had been so hospitably received by that distinguished divine and the other ministers of the Reformed Church at Zurich. This cup was transmitted to him by Bishop Parkhurst : it measures, the cover included, about 10 inches in height, is parcel-gilt, and is engraved with the heraldic bearings of the Bullinger family, a mill-rind, the crest being a demi-man holding in each hand a pine-tree drawn up by the roots.

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